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alex's life book

  • In early 2006, I began creating a life book for my daughter, Alex. Click here for links to articles describing my experience.
  • And for those of you who are more digitally inclined, in late 2006, I recreated key pages of Alex's lifebook for an article I wrote for AlphaMom, using Scrapblog.

    You can see the final digital result (and leave comments, if you'd like!) here.

what's been on my nikon lately

  • And you can view my favourites here.

if i'm not here, i'm here

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It looks great both ways, but I think I like long better. But of course it is your head so do what makes you feel good. :)

Jen D.

I agree with the first commenter.


I hate the in-between stages too. I have been thinking about cutting my hair all off too, but I know that all I'd do is immediately start growing it out again, and the prospect of going through that in-between stage is a strong deterrent right now.

As to your dilemma, as a general rule I have a thing for short hair, and typically I prefer a lovely short hairdo over an equivalently lovely longer 'do. You are the exception to the rule; although you look lovely with both the shorter and longer hair, I much prefer the longer hair. It's tremendously striking, very flattering and I think it's just so *you*.


Ah the hair dilemma.... I like it both ways, but I'm leaning towards the look of the shorter do. It's sassier (is that even a word?)


You look great both ways. I sort of like the longer version, but it is your head. The short do looks sassy, which I like. I guess I'm 60% long, 40% short. Sorry...not much help either.


Short is cute! Both look good on you- but you pull that short off wonderfully!

I vote Picture #1!


I think you look great either way. If I had to choose, I think I would say you look a teesy bit better with the long (but only about 50.5% to 49.5% better).

But then I know I hate to muck around with my hair and if it is that much of a pain in the patootie I would go with the short.


Oof, this is a hard choice!

I *think* that I like the short hair better,but they're both very flattering to you.

Joanna Campbell

I think I like the shorter do - but I may be projecting my own inability to tolerate growing my hair out past 1/3" :)



Having just chopped my own hair OFF-- I'll say to keep it long. Looks great on ya! :-)


I'm 51, 49 towards the longer version.

I'm no help either. Sorry!!


I like you best when you're smiling big, regardless of hair length. :-)

Like Marcus, I only have a 51-49 preference for the shorter version.


With that beautiful face...you don't need the hair. I love it short!


I vote for long, although my decision to grow my hair longer could be a part of my bias. Who knows?


I love it short. Your face really blooms with the short hair. (Does that make sense?)I have super-thick hair and am counting the days until I can cut if off for summer. (I have a wedding in may that requires an up-do).


Short is SOOOO good on you...you really carry it off well...I actually like the picture of you holding Alex, with her hat on...it seems that may be just a TAD longer than short/short. It really lets your facial features be seen. And I usually ALWAYS go with a longer look...but geez, lady, you sure look jazzy in short hair! :)


I'm going to rock the boat and say extensions......just for fun.

Jerri Ann

I like it both ways too, I think by a vote of 51%, I like it short, and by 49% the fro...I'm not much help uh?

Emily G.

I think I like the longer hair better, but really you're just gorgeous either way, so it doesn't matter. Pick one, switch it up, either way is good.

What does Alex want you to do?


LONG!!! Go LONG!!!


it must be the planets, I've been thinking the very same thing for me.

Of course, it is far easier to make these decsions for someone else, so I think you should cut it all off. Take advantage of having beautiful facial features that allow such a style


I'm going to have to go against the majority and say I really, really like it longer. Although your face IS beautifully structured so that you can easily pull off the short, I really like it long(er). If by "longer" you mean, the length it is now, or so. Mainly because you can do different things with it. But do what feels right, y'know?


Definitely longer!

Georgia/Caribbean Free Radio

Call me biased ( http://flickr.com/photos/georgiap/114972099/in/set-1563831/ ), but I say short.

dave / higher powered


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