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alex's life book

  • In early 2006, I began creating a life book for my daughter, Alex. Click here for links to articles describing my experience.
  • And for those of you who are more digitally inclined, in late 2006, I recreated key pages of Alex's lifebook for an article I wrote for AlphaMom, using Scrapblog.

    You can see the final digital result (and leave comments, if you'd like!) here.

what's been on my nikon lately

  • And you can view my favourites here.

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I knit too. Well, I did, two babies ago, that is. My hands have been full lately. But my boys are the proud owners of quite a few hats that I knitted. Hats, to my mind, are just the right length of project. One of my VERY first projects was a knitted sweater with avery complicated pattern. Turned out nice but drove me nuts. Hats for me since then. And yes, scarves. No troublesome shaping needed.

Have fun!
Mary, mom to many


You're a much braver woman than me. I limit myself to those rectangular productions, even skull caps are too challenging!


Dude. You lost, fair and square. There is no WAY I am going to say "Baby look at me/ And tell me what you see" to you NOW. ;)

dave / higher powered

One of my best friends (in recovery) knits and has a comprehensive blog about it all. He includes many other links to the blogging world.
You can locate him on my sidebar as "The Boy Who Knits."

cheryl Brogan

Way to go Karen! I knit too, and crochet, quilt, cross stitch and needlepoint. All of which I find very relaxing and satisfying! Years ago, when my children were in grade school, I managed a quilt shop for a friend of mine and taught all kind of classes. I hoping heaven is a place I can bring all my unfinished projects and finish them uninterrupted! ha ha!! I hope I can still remember how to do them too!

You are going to love your summer trip to Vancouver. Paul and I had a wonderful time when we went a few years ago! Alex is going to look precious in her pullover too! Don't forget to show the finished pullover results!

xo Cheryl


I started knitting again almost two years ago and never looked back. I knit for several hours every day (my kids may complain about their -- relatively -- early bed time, but that's prime knitting time!) for precisely the reason you state ... it calms me down. It relaxes me. And it's creative. Win, win, win.


I can knit, too, but have not tried to do too much creative with it. Maybe I will pick my needles up again. Crochet is more my thing!


Rosie Greer (BIG football player) was known for being a knitter too!


Aaaah... but the question is, will you be knitting your next outfit for Carnival? I went over to Mir and wrote her a note...so does this mean you'll be at the San Jose BlogHer?

Alex's pullover is going to be adorable - if you do the buttons, I was thinking cute little shell (mother of pearl, maybe?) or wood buttons would be darling. Just a thought!

"At the Copa, Copacabaaana...."


My thing is to crochet, but it has the same calming effect. I learned when I was only 8 years old. My most complicated project was a wedding dress for a Barbie doll.
The project going now is a Prayer Shawl. Which is simply a 30 by 60 inch rectangle. There's a website with the words Shawl Ministry in the title if you have a mind to hunt for it.

It's sad that you lost the song bet. Of course, we will need a blog post about the outcome.


You're going to love Vancouver! Although it can be fairly warm in the summer, and people wear shorts and T-shirts almost year-round. The weather people are predicting a very hot summer, actually.


Don't feel alone -- I can only knit rectangles too. Or bigger ones. Or smaller ones. Sigh. Afghans are good -- they are big rectangles.


Funny, I did grand jury duty for two weeks and was absolutely transfixed by the woman who knit all day next to me. Apparently, knitting's medative effects can be had vicariously. Anyway, I've been on and on about taking up knitting since then as (1) the woman sitting next to me was in the soul-sucking legal field and talked about how calming it was; (2) I am in the soul-sucking legal field; and (3) I would dearly love to pawn my knitted goods off onto unsuspecting family members for Christmas (they'll never know what hit 'em).

How did you learn to knit? Can I buy a book or video or is this a take-a-class sort of venture? Besides card-making, I am woefully bereft of craft knowledge.


Nancy --

SO. AM. I. But I picked up this kit in, of all places, an educational children's store:


And it was fantastic. Strongly recommend -- it takes you through the VERY BASICS VERY BASICALLY.

Warning: it's addictive!



I think it's cool that you knit! My mom crochets and sews like you wouldn't believe, but I've yet to find the time to really learn either, though I've dabbled into both at various times.

When Alex outgrows that sweater, save it. She'll LOVE putting it on her daughter one day!! My favorite things that my duaghter wore as a baby were sweaters and dresses that my mom or grandmother crocheted or sewed for me when I was a child!


I'm quite the crafty person, too. Knitting and crocheting are my bags, baby. Knitting is the new yoga... and just you wait. Soon crocheting will be the new pilates. Or the new black? The new something. I've lost myself.

Vancouver, eh? I'm sure it will be much cooler here (ok, so I live in Seattle, but we have similar weather to Vancouver) than it is in Trinidad, but unless you're way up in the mountains, I'm betting it won't be too cold. But what do I know, I'm from a place where it snows by the FEET sometimes. So don't listen to me! I think 40 degrees is warm! Knit away!

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