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alex's life book

  • In early 2006, I began creating a life book for my daughter, Alex. Click here for links to articles describing my experience.
  • And for those of you who are more digitally inclined, in late 2006, I recreated key pages of Alex's lifebook for an article I wrote for AlphaMom, using Scrapblog.

    You can see the final digital result (and leave comments, if you'd like!) here.

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Louisiana - everyone is glowing from sweat and willing to give you the sweaty shirt off their back. There's no traffic, no rush, and plenty to eat. I do miss home.


I am actually delurking to post to this one...and I don't delurk for just anybody, missy!

I am from the northwest corner of Montana. Only 60 miles south of the Canadian border. When I look out my window each morning (now that I've moved home) I see mountains on all four sides. The smells of a spring rain and a first snow are cathartic to me. The view of the trees turning in the fall...the crisp chill in the air...the beautiful blue water in the "largest freshwater lake west of the Mississippi" that I live near bring me to an ideal place. And when we wake up to a foot of snow on Easter Sunday as we did this year? I laugh and say, "If you don't like the weather in Montana, wait 5 minutes". Montana is full of slow driving, slow walking, slow talking people. It is safe. It is beautiful. It is my home.


As an expat in Japan, I completely understand the idea of leaving in order to appreciate where you came from. :)

This is going to sound corny, but because I "live" in two different countries, I consider home to be wherever my husband and family are at that time. So right now, I have two "homes"--New York and Japan. :) Thanks for the philosophical morning wake-up!


Even after 5 years in the Caribbean (and I LOVED it there), my favorite place will always be the Smith River canyon in the northwest corner of California.


I'm a Pittsburgh native and have lived here all but 2 1/2 years of my life. There's something about this city that sucks people in and doesn't let you leave. For me, it's the hills, the skyline, the seasons, the affordability, the food, the universities, the history, and the tradition of philanthropy that's given this city such great cultural institutions. Oh, and the people - and the accent!


North Carolina is my home... but I live in Georgia. My favorite thing about NC is driving through the country on a summer evening around dusk. The windows are rolled down and the smell of the fields and the grass and hunsuckle fill the car... and as the sun sets you can feel the temperature drop a little. I also love this shot of Speyside. I've been to Blue Waters Inn. I had my first Bentley at Blue Waters Inn. I was hungover as a fool - and this bartender convinced me that this Bentley concoction would cure some of the pain. What is the official recipe for a Bentley? I remember something about bitters, grenandine and club soda? Is that the mixture? I've tried looking it up on the internet, but haven't had any success.


Portland, Maine. Also beautiful and boring and breathtaking, and my ancestral family is all still there. I'm in Austin now, a complete 180 degree turn. And I love it here, but I completely understand what you mean about appreciating a place called home that you've left. Someday I'm fairly certain I'll wind up back on the coast, with my Texan hubby/kids, and they won't know what hit them. :)


When I grew up and left home I went to Colorado. Once I had children I thought I needed to come back home to Texas only to find that Colorado is really our home. I know it sounds odd, but, I miss those mountains and there is something very magical about the calmness that takes over after a fresh snow fall.

Found you via Mir, your home is beautiful, love the pictures!

Margaret in Germany

I have lived here in Germany for 9 of the last 11 years, but St. Louis will ALWAYS be home. Just seeing a picture of the Arch brings back a flood of memories of growing up in it's shadows.

It's always nice to St. Louis, but after a few days, I'm ready to return to Germany, my second home.


first of all...I love your pictures. I will always call wherever my parents are HOME. I am an army brat who grew up in Germany, have lived and loved in Virginia but as long as I can smell my Mom's fresh sheets off the clothesline and hear my dad's music echoing through the house I am home.


I have two:

Provo, Utah

Athens, Ohio


I'm here, at home (or 10 miles north of what I call home, Carpinteria) in Santa Barbara. I so, so, SO much love it here, despite all the frustrating things about it (so expensive, weird one way streets, traffic, college girls that weigh 24 pounds). On my blog, I write about it all the time and have just added a bunch of links relating to the city. Of course, I love to travel and often say I'm "home-sick" for Costa Rica...so..ya got me!

Cheryl Brogan

Two places come to mind. First where I was born in Door County Wisconsin in a wonderful Norman Rockwell town called Sturgeon Bay! The best time ever growing up there! And second would be my teen years in Chicago. I loved living there too!
xo ~ Cheryl

Emily G.

Chicago and Berlin are homes, and I could see another city with as much personality becoming a home easily. I grew up in Chicago and only recently fell in love with Berlin. Home for me, when only looking at locations, has nothing to do with which family members are where. There are just some cities that resonate with me and many that do not. The ones that resonate feel like home.


If I think about it I have two, since I spent over 20 of my adult years in Chicago and most of my best friends still live there, but my first response when I read your question was ...... Iowa.

We moved there when I was 12, and I still visit my parents in Des Moines once a year. Iowa is simply beautiful ... you have to get off I-80, and you'll see it .... country lanes lined with wildflowers, rolling hills, green fields, crowned by a clear blue sky. The space soothes my soul.


Even though I have spent the longest chunk of my life in Oklahoma, I still consider Kentucky to be "home". It is where I was born, spent the first 8 years of my life, and where most of my family still lives. There's something about the rolling hills, the bluegrass, the slower pace of life-that appeals to the very heart of me. I have the fondest childhood memories there, and always feel nostalgic when I go back to visit my grandparents.


Milwaukee. I was born and raised there for twelve years of my life. My time in Phoenix just doesn't count to me anymore.


Good point - Austin is my home. I moved here for college, left, moved back after a year, left again, moved from Houston to San Antonio and finally back to Austin, and I don't want to leave again anytime soon.

I love the eclectic mix of people, perspectives and lifestyles, I love that people don't dress up to go the gym or the grocery store (what are ya'll THINKING in Houston??), I love how available the outdoor environment is, from Town Lake to Barton Springs to the greenbelt. I love that Whole Foods and Central Market compete to be the BEST grocery store on earth and I get to reap the benefits of all that competition.

I should stop, but I totally get what you mean.


Toronto is my home. I now visit Trinidad and I have to say I really appreciate it more since I left, but when I am there and say I'm going back home, I do mean Canada. In a way though maybe I do have 2 homes, who knows maybe one day in the future I may move back..never say never, but for now I don't think so. I'll be visiting Trinidad this year and hopefully like last time have a bit of a juant to Tobago.


Home is the tiny little parish of St. Bernard in southeastern Louisiana. Left it once for two years by choice but had to come back. Never thought I'd ever leave again but I was forced to by nature. I can't wait to get back.



And you're completely right that you don't appreciate it unless you leave and then comeback.

My favorite place is to be on the north shore, with the wind blowing all around me and seeing the sea smash against the rocks.


Home is such a nebulous concept to me, as it has been for so long. I was born in the Philippines but spent most of my childhood years in Jakarta, Indonesia, then came to Los Angeles, CA for college. I've since lived in New York as well, and now I live in San Diego. But I don't think I could live in Manila or Jakarta anymore, because my family is elsewhere...and they are not the same places that I grew up in, what with westernization and all. Quite sad, actually. So for me, home is where my family is, which I suppose is San Diego for now...and probably for the next few years!


I love the color of the ocean in that photo, and the lushness of the trees and the glimpse of sand under tropical waves...but I especially love the "Fear Not" boat.


The place that draws me most is the tiny Island off the Rhode Island shore, where I spent every summer of my life. It isn't the same, anymore, having become a very popular tourist place, but even so, it draws me. I have vivid memories of laying in my bed, in my little room under the eaves, listening to the foghorn, hearing the waves rolling in, and smelling the honeysuckle, or the beach roses. Ah, Block Island...can't wait until I get the chance to go again. Luckily my Aunt lives over there, having retired from being a teacher at the Island school, so it is a CHEAP vacation! :) AND I get to spend time with Aunt Carol, who has ALWAYS been one of my favorite people in the world!


I'm de-lurking too!

My home where I grew up is San Francisco...but I have lived all over the Bay Area and consider the whole of it when I think of it. I've never really lived anywhere else, but did go to school in the mountains for 3 years, less summers. Beyond the natural beauty, the diversity of people, culture and cuisine, and the architecture, the ease of location of San Francisco is something I can't live without. I'm within a few hours of the mountains, a short plane ride to LA, Portland, Mexico and a longer one to Hawaii. When I travel, as much as I love our destinations, I am always happy to be home.

Speaking of destinations, one of my top three favorites is T&T. It was my first trip abroad alone. Heartbroken and abandoned by a lover, I boarded a plane by myself believing that one of the furtherest reaches of the Caribbean would heal me---and that I would have an easier time not struggling with a language divide. Ha! How do you translate English to English?

It rained for 5 straight days and I took that ferry to Tobago (thanks a lot Lonely Planet)and brought another 3 days of rain. Flew back to Port of Spain and what did I find on my guestroom doorstep? Ten years later "we" still live in the Bay, have one child and a picture of a beach in Trinidad on our fridge.

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