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alex's life book

  • In early 2006, I began creating a life book for my daughter, Alex. Click here for links to articles describing my experience.
  • And for those of you who are more digitally inclined, in late 2006, I recreated key pages of Alex's lifebook for an article I wrote for AlphaMom, using Scrapblog.

    You can see the final digital result (and leave comments, if you'd like!) here.

what's been on my nikon lately

  • And you can view my favourites here.

if i'm not here, i'm here

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Jo in Utah

What a surprise! When I opened AOL this morning, there was a link for a conversation between Sean Preston and Suri. I click on the link and where do I end up? On Karen Walrond's column on Blogging Baby. This is the big time! An AOL link. Wow. And I knew her/read her when Alex was just a tiny thing...


What does it say about me that I thought you were going to say that for a brief, irrational moment you had the urge to pick them up and eat them?? ;)


I am so happy to find your site! I lived in Plymouth, Tobago for a short but magical time when I was ten years old, and I have often dreamed about returning with my own children to T&T someday.

I also blog from time to time about swimming in cultural cross-currents: a proud Newfoundlander with a Canadian passport who ran off to Mexico to marry an Arkansasan, now raising three boys in the American south. I don't how to *begin* to make sense of it all sometimes. And as you describe on your bio page, I don't really fit neatly into any of those cultures anymore either.

Hope you can drop by my site sometime. And if you do, bring a good recipe for rum punch. ;-)



Ha!! I'd just be glad it wasn't in MY house, I have enough to clean up as it is....


I'm just glad I'm not the only one.

Hi Karen, I'm Nadine and I found your site thru BlogHer. At first I was a bit stunned by the eery similarities (Afro-Caribbean. Married to white dude. Have a daughter named Alex born October 03.) But I'm Haitian. The white dude is franco from Québec. And the Alex was preceded by a now five year old Mattéo.

I hang around cuz your pictures are breathtaking. Your Alex is really really cute too. And you make me piss my pants.

Long live mama-noia! Long live flapping hoo-has!

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