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alex's life book

  • In early 2006, I began creating a life book for my daughter, Alex. Click here for links to articles describing my experience.
  • And for those of you who are more digitally inclined, in late 2006, I recreated key pages of Alex's lifebook for an article I wrote for AlphaMom, using Scrapblog.

    You can see the final digital result (and leave comments, if you'd like!) here.

what's been on my nikon lately

  • And you can view my favourites here.

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how stressful. i thought this was supposed to be a vacation? :-)

i love my daughter's big smiles and confidence when i'm feeling skittish about something. her face fairly shines with the knowledge that everything is going to be ok. alex clearly has that glow going on for her as well. what a blessing our girls are!

when marcus comes down that hill, you guys will have a nice reunion. he's a lucky man to have a wife that would suggest he embark on such a crazy adventure, all because you love him.

Cheryl Brogan

I've been to Whistler Mountain...I've seen the bikers on the mountain...close your eyes!!! I know Marcus will be safe and sound, but my palms are sweating!!!


Oh, she has the biggest smile! I know it's hard not to worry, but I'm sure he'll be just fine.


I hope he is wearing armour. I have friends who love the bike park and can't get enough of it. I supposed I also shouldn't mention that there are a lot of good trails on the North Shore mountains. Mount From seems to be a big attraction. I am sure he could find out about any of the trails at a bike shop in town. But I won't. :) (Mention it that is.)

There are some really nice walking trails on the North Shore as well. Including Lynn Canyon. This is the free suspension bridge and some really nice trails.

Hope Whistler and Vancouver are lots of fun for you. Oh, and you may be right about the stoners in Whistler.

Sarah e. Smith aka Rustic Relics

Goodness...quite a trek by the looks of things! I'm sure he will be fine! your story reminds me of the time my father in law hiked a mountain near our cabin by himslef...this man is not in shape by any means and is the most accident prone person on the face of the earth... and we were all waiting on baited breath to hear his voice come through the walkie talkie to let us know he made it to the top in one piece. Luckily he made it through his solo adventure in one piece...i hope he never attempts anything like it again, though there was talk of him tackling the Appilacian Trail...YIKES! Your little one has a breathtaking smile!

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