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alex's life book

  • In early 2006, I began creating a life book for my daughter, Alex. Click here for links to articles describing my experience.
  • And for those of you who are more digitally inclined, in late 2006, I recreated key pages of Alex's lifebook for an article I wrote for AlphaMom, using Scrapblog.

    You can see the final digital result (and leave comments, if you'd like!) here.

what's been on my nikon lately

  • And you can view my favourites here.

if i'm not here, i'm here

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I live out in the sticks and am on dial-up so podcasting is not for me. I am always disappointed when I see youtube or something like that because I'd like to be in on it, but ya know, when a one minute clip takes half an hour to download it just ins't worth it for me to click on....

But I KNOW a zillion other people have high-speed and this is not an issue for them, so as long as you also keep posting the written word, I will be fine.



I really, really, really, really, needed that today. Really. Thank you.

(Also I know nothing of podcasts, sorry.)


I really needed to hear that today too, Karen. Thank you. (I'm in tears over here...)

Natalie (the other one)

Gotta say I'm a huge fan of NPR's podcasts, especially the NPR/National Geographic Radio Expeditions and also Radio Diaries (check out recent Radio Diary on Ota Benga). Our local NPR station, WNYC, also does a series called Radio Rookies, where inner city NY teenagers do a short piece on what's of interest to them. Obviously these are highly produced pieces but might give you a sense of what's out there!

Also, thanks for the "un-for you," I really needed to hear that today mydamnself.

xo, Nat

pecos blue

great site


Thanks Karen! I also needed to hear that today. I could listen to podcasts, but I don't very often. They require a lot more uninterrupted time than reading a blog and if I have that much uninterrupted time I write.


I listen to too many podcasts to mention here. I listen to them for a variety of reasons though. I think I'd like to hear a podcast by you - something along the same lines as your recent post.

no one can un-me once I've started :)


Nice message.

I listen to *tons* of podcasts. I commute a minum of 8 hours a week, and rather than doing last minute reading/grading/freaking out in that time, I try to chill out and knit while listening to my podcasts (in very busy weeks, that doesn't always work out). I also listen to them when I run errands around town, and do housework. That said,I find listening to podcasts a very different experience than reading blogs, but most of the ones I listen to come from their connection to blogs/ online magazines I read, or radio shows I listen to.

Here's what I'm listening to:
Addicted to Race by Mixed Media Watch
KCRW's Good Food
Mugglecast and Pottercast (both Harry Potter podcasts; I'm hopelessly obsessed)
a number from NPR: 7am ET News Summary, Driveway Moments, Koppel on the News, Most E-mailed Stories, Satire from the Unger Report, and Wait, Wait... Don't Tell Me! Specifally from NPR's New York City station, WNYC, I occassionally listen to The Brian Lehrer Show and The Leonard Lopate Show
Science Talk: The Podcast of the Scientific American magazine
from Slate: the Explainer and Daily Magazine Podcast


that is great. and it is so true. my pastor used to say: "don't hate, congratulate, that way you can participate.." and "don't be mad that someone else is getting blessed, that just means the line is moving!" this is another one of those TRULY life changing ways of looking at the world. Once you receive and absorb this into your DNA, your patience and willingness to help others reach their dreams multiplies dramatically. I have found that when i don't get the things i (think i) want, the things that God/the Universe/Life brings me are 100X BETTER than that original thing! I can site at least 6 major times in life that this has been true. So if something doesn't go down...its not a denial...its a delay! Hugs!


I second (or, third) the NPR/WNYC podcasts. I would add Studio 360 and NPR Movies to the list. We also subscribe to This American Life through Audible.com, which seems sort of silly seeing as how you can get it for free, but there's nothing better than listening to it on the subway on the way to work on Monday mornings. Two podcasts I'm interested in but haven't tried yet are Modern Love from the The New York Times and Tim's Take, the ineffable mentor on Project Runway (does that make me shallow?).

I've never thought of it before but now that you mention it I suppose podcasts are sort of in the same vein as blogs. I'm always searching for good content on both and I guess I do enjoy them for similar reasons.


The only podcast I listened to was our Town Council meeting, and that was because I was taking a class at the community college, and the podcast was for assignment.
The technical terms I learned while getting my online act together were stunning.
Then again, I think that was because my husband is my in-house techie, and me getting over a learning curve was a worthwhile endeavor, plus he enjoys being teacher.
He listens to the Scientific American already mentioned.
I like reading blogs because tests have proven I am a visual learner, and have certain problems with the auditory processing part of my brain.
Now, that's trouble at my end, so don't let me hold you back from anything you want to set your sights on.
Whatever you do should not take away space for regular pictures of your adorable daughter and wonderful family.


I like your words of wisdom. I teeter between thinking things are that way, or that things are what you make them and you are master of your own destiny. Today I like your friend's theory though :)

I listen to podcasts while commuting, as I spend around an hour each way to work. I think of them as quite separate to blogs but perhaps I am not listening to blog-related podcasts!

Podcasts for me fall into a few categories: humour, learning or listening.

To just listen to, I really like Escape Pod, which is science fiction short stories (not dorky science fiction, interesting stories).

In the learning category I like Dr Karl on triple j. This is a podcast of a radio program on an Australian radio station which is really interesting - Dr Karl is kinda like a scientisty type guy who knows a little of everything, and people ring in and ask weird questions of him. I think the show is on a break now as I haven't seen new episodes for a while but there should be lots of old ones out there.

And for humour I like the Ricky Gervaise Podcasts. I can't help but laugh out loud with them. Silly but funny.


Never viewed a podcast. Blogging via writing is still the best for me since it's in the written form. Podcast would just be like watching a newsclip or listening to it. I'd rather read things. They seem more touching and profound that way.

My love thursday is up.


Hmm, I wish I could relax like that... too high strung over here. ;)

No podcasting over here. I'm bogged by other technology. ;)


Thanks Karen. I needed to hear that today.


In Trini we say "what is for you is for you" - but I like the way the Jamaicans put it. It's serendipity that I saw your post today, so thank you for reminding me how much I am already blessed.

Re: podcasting, I do listen to a few that I think are great...

Caribbean Free Radio, Studio 360, Morning Stories, Global Voices, and to get me calm and centered, there's a Pray as You Go podcast that's very well produced.

Podcasting can certainly add value to a blog, and it's great for long drives, long workouts or long waits - but these days I find it much easier to scan through a few paragraphs of a blog than to download and listen to podcasts. But that's a time consideration, nothing else. Go for it - the world can always use another positive voice!


I love this! We have a saying like that in Puerto Rico "Lo que esta para ti, esta para ti." (What is there for you, is there for you.) It's used in the same context as yours.


Heh; that sounds like something a friend told me once when I feared he would be passing up a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. He just shrugged and said:

"I expect to get hundreds of once-in-a-lifetime opportunities in my life -- and I expect most of them to come along at least twice."


or, as we would say in Scotland, 'What's for you won't go by you.'

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