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alex's life book

  • In early 2006, I began creating a life book for my daughter, Alex. Click here for links to articles describing my experience.
  • And for those of you who are more digitally inclined, in late 2006, I recreated key pages of Alex's lifebook for an article I wrote for AlphaMom, using Scrapblog.

    You can see the final digital result (and leave comments, if you'd like!) here.

what's been on my nikon lately

  • And you can view my favourites here.

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What you have described sounds reasonable and fair to all parties involved. No child is at risk, but the man's life isn't ruined until it's proven that he was in fact, guilty.


Sorry I am late to this discussion. I have to admit it hits me right between the eyes. I completely understand your response. Alex's safety is your primary concern. Its just that I am an employment lawyer and regularly see people who have been falsely accused of all kinds of things, including this. Primarily, it completely freaks me out because I am married to a man who teaches gymnastics and other physical activities to young children. He has a passion for teaching children the fun in fitness (something which is sorely needed in America). One word from a vindictive dysfunctional kid and we are both ruined. I know that he conducts himself with this scary possibility in mind and tries to avoid any situations that could be trouble. Sadly, it is a risk that all underpaid overworked and underpresented male teachers face.


I have indeed read Tuesdays With Morrie. I must say I didn't expect much from it. I found it at the library and thought, what the heck, looks like a quick read. And of course fell in love with it and laughed and cried and everything else you do when you read a good book. I hoped for the same from The Five People You Meet in Heaven, but didn't find it as engaging.

As to the other subject of your post, I am looking away and thinking of England.


Only last weekend I had a girlfriend over for dinner, and she brought her two lovely little girls. My husband commented before she arrived that he would prefer not to be left in the room alone with the girls. Wow, I was shocked at this, but he felt he was only protecting himself.

On the Tuesdays with Morrie book - I loved it too, but got more out of The 5 People You Meet In Heaven.


Yes, _Tuesdays with Morrie_ was a great read. More important was that I bought a copy for my mother, and She thought it was good.
So then we had something to discuss, other than her medical appointments.

As to the other subject, I'll leave it alone. As a former (and hopefully, future) daycare teacher, such matters are very close to my heart.

Big Pumpkin

You're doing the right thing. I was molested by my swimming instructor when I was 4. I started swimming lessons at 3. He would put me on his lap and hold my hands to do the breast stroke, then in between have conversation while he put his hand to stroke my vagina. I HATED IT!!!! and kept telling him that I wanted to go swim. But he'd just hold me back. I also tried stopping swimming lessons but my mother wouldn't allow it as she felt it was a necessary skill. I didn't tell her then - I'm not sure why, too scared? We weren't taught about these kinda things then anyway, so I wasn't even sure if what happened was right or wrong, just knew that I didn't like the feeling.

Years later, I told her about it. She said it happens to everyone!

Altho' I know that what happened was circumstantial, I am still mad at my mother for not protecting me better, even though she really wasn't equipped to be the mothers that we can be today.

The Wooden Porch

I've read Tuesdays W M. It's a great book, isn't it? I Iike "The Five People You Meet in Heaven" too. You'd probably like it too if you liked TWM.

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