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My little girl made me smile today. Her 4th birthday was yesterday. Today, she got to bring in hot chocolate and cookies to class. She came out so happy and proud with the biggest smile (for bringing in the class snack). She wanted to wear her cat costume to school and I let her. I'd give her the world if I could.

Also, I bought the new Sarah McLachlan Wintersong CD today and I LOVE it. It's so good.


Our quilt guild had a Christmas party today and the ladies had a fabulous time with one of the games.

We divided them into two groups of about 15 ladies each. Each group was given a bag of miscellaneous items from the supermarket, such as a pack of drinking straws, a pair of underwear (new), a mug, some paper plates, etc.

One group had to create a standard Nativity scene and the other had to represent the Santa Claus/reindeer/elves version of Christmas.

They had the best time putting these unusual items to use, and came up with some extremely creative representations.

Much silliness and laughter; a good time was had by all.


I watched a troupe of 5 year olds on the playground acting like their teacher (my team teacher) one was leading the others in a line and she turned to the others and said "Julie, I see you playing around back there!, get back in line." This cracked me up and reminds me of my own little 5 year olds that like to sit in my circle time chair and sing the Good Morning song to their friends during free play in the afternoon. "Where is Karen? Where is Karen?"

trini fan

Having a slice of my birthday cake as a midnight snack :)


I started a new job, and found out I'll be working with a close friend from college. When he found out, he gave me the biggest bear hug---just what I needed. My kitty can't have enough snuggling today, which I love.

Get some rest! Tomorrow is a new day :)


One of my classmates complimenting me on an oral presentation I did (and was nervous about) and telling me what a wonderful teacher I'll make. :) Lovely to hear during the end of the semester stress -- helps me remember what the ultimate goal is. :)


Conversations with my almost 3 year old made my day:

When asked what he wanted for dinner:

"Pancakes and chicken nuggets and tomatoes!"

When asked if he had stinky pants:

"No mommy. My poopy smells like poopy."

Get some rest. I am going to do the same and feel as spent as you do.


I helped my Mom complete her Christmas shopping for all eight grandkids. Spending other people's money is fun!

Better days ahead...


Dropped Husband off at work. With 2 inches of ice and 5 inches of snow on the ground, he doesn't ride his bicycle these days, even though the city crews have the streets fairly clear. On the way home, I decided to stop and get a latte and ran into an old acquaintance. We chatted a bit, mostly about our college age kids.

I waded into the basement storeroom and pulled out the boxes of Christmas decorations. Not time to put them up yet, but at least I have them organized closeby in a corner of the laundry room..
Crocheted 3 rows on the latest Prayer Shawl. The stripes are balanced and lovely.

Hope you feel better soon.
'Tis the season to be jolly.


The power is back on at daycare!! Back to normal tomorrow!

Also, this afternoon the lunch lady was stocking yummy sandwiches in the warming oven and I was sad to hear they cost 2x as much as the usual pizza slices. When I said I only had enough for the usual pizza or maybe a soup she sold it to me at pizza price. Yea!

Hm. I need to get out more.

Oh and my daughter ate her first spring roll tonight and ended up with rice noodles in her hair, laughing and grinning and sputtering everytime she accidentally re-tried the mint leaf. Priceless. Dh and I were rolling with laughter.


I pulled out my penguin collection tonight to decorate my kitchen for Christmas. Adorable silver tinsel tree covered in penguins and the tops of my cabinets with more penguins and my village church collection.

Now Christmas can come...


I can totally empathize with you! I had an exhausting day myself. What made me smile today? Listening to my 4 year old sing Christmas carols with the music playing in the car today. :)


I smiled because during my workout today, I was able to RUN up 9 flights of 90-step stairs, when back in September it made me cry to WALK up 3 flights of the same. I was happy to realize I truly have gotten stronger. Even though I haven't lost an ounce.

PS. I love your blog and your beautiful photos.


Today is my five year anniversary with my then boyfriend now Fiance YAHOO!!!!!. What I am most excited to celebrate though is not the five wonderful years we have already had but the lifetime of love, laughter, and lazy Sunday mornings that we get to share together. That and the fact it's Christmas and my tree is up. Who can be mad with a Christmas tree to look at?


I went to visit my little ol' daddy after work tonight. He is in an assisted living facility. The drive is an hour and a half round trip.

We visited (although I couldn't understand anything he was saying) and looked at a picture book of animals together.

He looked better than he has in the last four weeks since he broke his pelvis. He is walking better and seems to be quite fine.

Oh, yeah--he turns 84 on Friday.


I took my 4 year old Christmas shopping for her siblings, and laughed all the way home as she repeatedly came perilously close to spilling the beans and telling everyone what she'd gotten them.

I went to my oldest daughter's college choir concert and floated for an hour in lovely Christmas music.

I also got to hold my sister's 4 month old, the loveliest bit of pudge you ever laid eyes on....

Feel better



I also had that kind of day, so this is a good task: getting me to think of something cheery! I got home from work at 10:00 p.m., my husband is away, the house is clean and quiet, and as soon as I sat down on the couch with an improvised dinner, our sweet cat snuggled in right up to next me and started purring away. I watched all my guilty pleasure television, ate ice cream and and got periodic nuzzles from a warm pile of cat. Perfect night alone at home.


Well, no cavities at the dentist (and compliments on my oral hygiene - those are weird sorts of compliments!). And I got my hair trimmed - I LOVE getting my hair cut.

But the best was seeing my friend Miia (almost 2). I hadn't seen her for a couple of weeks and when she realized I was there, she broke into a huge smile. And we played tickle monster - 'should the tickle monster tickle you on the toes?' (a solemn yes) 'should the tickle monster tickle you on the ears?' (a funny little grin and a yes).

And the bestest was decorating the Christmas tree all together and then turning out the overehad lights, listening to soft music and being quiet together.

KK On My Mind

My dog fell asleep with her face nuzzled against my neck, and it was so nice I fell asleep that way, too. We had ourselves a nice nap.


This site has made me smile on many many an occasion.


If time allowed, I could spend HOURS there. But a smile every day will do.

Be well, be kind to yourself and have a great one. Thoughts from a fellow Texan.

karen t

My day is only just starting but I know its got to be better than yesterday. I'm not good with city driving but decided not to be such a wuss and headed for the city multi storey. All went well until I returned to an empty space where my car should have been. I KNEW I was next to a post and I KNEW I was on level 10.So it must be stolen. Fighting back tears I pressed the button for security to report my stolen car. Slipped on some oil and watched helplessly as my phone bounced once and then fell through to the next level. The security guard was such a nice guy. He told me I was in the wrong car park (don't laugh) and helped me retrieve my phone. Where's the smile in such a horrible day you ask? Well I made it home in one piece (feeling like I was in some bad movie playing the dizzy lead role) and....my phone still works! As you rightly said - tomorrow's another day!!


My goal each week is to take three long walks I pretty much always walk around the headland and look out to sea,I can't help but feel I live in a beautiful place! This morning I took real pleasure in watching my 4year old writing her Christmas cards....God Bless and may today be a much sweeter one x.


I understand how you feel/felt. I am 'ditto' lately. So, yesterday ... went for a long drive, ended up in Manzanilla, walked on the beach, it was wild and darkly beautiful, windy. On way back stoped by one of my ex yoga students who lives in Sangre Grande and got a reflexology session from her. Hooked up with an old friend I haven't seen in years. Got news that a good old 'riding pal' from the States is coming on Sunday and will be here until the 21st. Decided to finish off one project which I have to complete this month and other than that, take the month off, rest, be free and do nothing ... just be open and find/create the magic - which I haven't felt yet (Christmas). Hope you feel brighter and get a rest.


Yesterday I went on a field trip with my 5 y.o. and 2 y.o. We went to a living history museum in our area. The kids had been reading stories about the Gingerbread Man and this place offered the chance to "find" the Gingerbread Man as well as look at some gingerbread houses people had made. My day was made while we were hunting the Gingerbread Man. We were following his trail to a barn where there were several farm animals. We approached the cows and our guide said, "Hey, do you suppose the cows saw the Gingerbread Man?" To which my five year old responded, "we should ask them! Hey cows! Moo moo moo moo moo?" I cracked up. I had no idea my son was bilingual! Meanwhile my 2y.o. was loving seeing the animals, especially the sheep, whom she serenaded with "Baa, Baa, Blacksheep". The gingerbread houses were amazing and elicited gasps from my 5 y.o. The weather was quite cold but the sun (and my son) were shining. It was an all-around fabulous morning.
Hope today is a better one for you.


I simply woke up and felt as right as the rain falling outside my window this morning. And when I went to start a fire in the chimney to warm our souls, well, the fire started on the very first try. Happy Day.

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